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General Help FAQ

I registered with Facebook, Google, etc and it shows my real name. I dont like that.
We have given users complete control over their own profile. You can change your name within your account settings.

Why do I keep seeing ads after registering for an account?
Have you verified your email?
The website ads will only appear to unregistered and unverified users. Simply verify your email and they will go away.

Why do I keep seeing a 404 image when trying to create a gamercard?
Is your gamertag valid? Our script is now only available to real gamertags. Attempting to add a fake gamertag will result in a 404 error image.

Somethings not working!
We get that alot. The Internet gets that alot.
Please report anything out of the ordinary to our support department.
Oh wait, thats me... just let me know.